Hot Springs House Watergate Townhouse Unit
Oxon Park Apartments Bonus 9 Carat Diamond Ring
Port Royal Condominium Bonus Diamond Bracelet
Potomac River Waterfront Property
Bonus Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Meet The Staff

US Dream Properties

Management - The worldís largest essay contest cannot be run by itself. In fact, the contest is managed by, a team of nine talented staff at Our team, lead by DCpages President, Luke Wilbur, was hired by the Sponsor to manage the day-to-day operations of the US Dream Properties. Mr. Wilbur interfaces with the Sponsor and orchestrates the US Dream Property staff. As administrator of the contest, Mr. Wilburís responsibilities include gathering contest requirements, managing all project documentation, compiling contest requirements into reports, writing marketing and campaign plans, translating the contest requirements into functional specification documents, and managing projects from start to finish. Daily staff meetings allow for the free flow of communication between team members. DCpages Webmaster, Toma Apostolov, assists Mr. Wilbur in managing and overseeing the implementation and execution of all US Dream Property contest projects.

Marketing - DCpages was hired to promote and legitimize the largest public essay contest offered worldwide, as of June 26, 2003. Our goal is to encourage 226,800 participants to submit a 75-word essay on why they would like to own one of the five properties listed on within one yearís time. Following extensive market research, our marketing plan for US Dream Properties was designed to maximize the sponsorís ROI by creating a highly recognizable brand and making the greatest number of impressions in the market among the target demographics. This plan includes strategies for increasing website traffic through high-impact, focused advertising and public relations campaigns while maintaining a strong customer support system and considering all legal aspects of the contest. As a result of this work, US Dream Properties has appeared in national radio stations and newspapers, to include the Washington Post, and CNN.

Advertising - DCPages is committed to well-designed, strategically placed advertising that exposes the brand name to the largest possible global audience. Every facet of the advertising campaign is measured by how effectively the message is communicated to potential contest participants and the number of interested parties that submit entries. All advertising is tracked by monitoring the number of referrals sent to from media companies and by requesting that contest participants to provide information on how they found about the contest when they register. Robert Bobbin, DCpages Art Director, is responsible for transforming US Dream Property campaign concepts into creative, multi-media messages in a concise and compelling manner. DCPages webmaster, Toma Apostolov monitors the performance of all media buys.

Public Relations - The foremost component of the marketing arm of the US Dream Properties Essay contest is communicating a clear message to media bureaus and the public at large. Each press release is meticulously written and edited then distributed and tracked by the DCpage staff. DCPages Editor, Matthew Bruno, is responsible for the editorial aspects of all US Dream Properties public relation campaigns. Douglas White, Director of Communications, administers the distribution of the US Dream Properties press releases to media bureaus across the globe. Once distributed, each press release is posted to Toma Apostolov both posts all releases and supervises the accuracy of the Media newswire database. DCpages recognizes the dynamic nature of the media. To ensure that the US Dream Properties message is being conveyed to the broadest population, our marketing team, including Edward Palmedo, Rachel Greenberg, and Landon Jones, continually establish and maintain relationships with worldwide media bureaus. All press inquiries are handled by, The Sponsor and DCpages Marketing team. Due to the marvelous public response, DCpages has established a frequently asked questions section on the Web Site.

Programming - DCpages successfully integrated its web-based contest entrant system into the website that was custom-designed by our team for the contest. Since launching on June 26, 2003, the DCpages contest system has received rave technology reviews from contestants and media outlets worldwide. This system handles thousands of daily user registrations, secure billing, and entries with ease. In addition, the contest system administration is straightforward for account reconciliation and entry judging. DCpages Chief Technical Officer, Jack Hurwitz, manages the implementation and maintenance of the contest system. Our programming team supports Mr. Hurwitz by writing and editing .html content for the website on a daily basis. In addition, an automated call center administered by DCpages, responds to hundreds of public inquiries each day.

E-commerce - Secure payment options for entrants is an integral part of this web-based contest. In partnership with,, and, DCpages has designed and executed a safe, global, real-time payment solution. All contest entrant money is encrypted and digitally sent from our electronic merchant gateways to the five designated game accounts at Branch Banking and Trust. A U.S. Post Office Box has been established for entrants that desire an alternative to on-line transactions. Matthew Bruno, Rachel Greenberg and the Sponsorís personal assistant, Kim Kay reconcile all contest entries.

Data Storage - Since 1996, national companies have trusted DCpages to provide an affordable safe place for mission-critical information. Today, DCpages has partnered with Rack Shack Hosting Solutions to offer the ultimate in secure, reliable data storage. DCpages choose Rack Shack due to their redundant UPS systems, generator backup, VESPA detection systems, closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances, card key access, 24 hour guard manned security, redundant a/c systems, and fiber from 5 separate providers. DCpages Chief Technical Officer, Jack Hurwitz, Mr. Wilbur, and Mr. Apostolov work with the Rack Shack team to monitor entrant and essay information daily. We are in discussions with three additional providers for the ultimate in redundancy.

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