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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the contest begin?

The essay contest began on June 26, 2003 12:30 am.

Why have an essay contest for five properties?

First, our generous sponsor is getting her affairs in order and finds this to be a much more rewarding endeavor than just selling the properties outright. Plus, the contest will give people an opportunity to own real estate that they may not otherwise be able to afford to do so. Furthermore, our sponsor will be donating a portion of the profits from the essay contest to charitable organizations, as she sees fit.

How do I enter the essay contest?

Simply log on to, and go to the page for the property you would like to win. Click the button at the bottom of the page that says “I Want to Enter the Contest.” Then follow the steps to submit your 75 words or less essay and $100 fee per entry. For more details on the contest, you can also reference our Rules and Regulations page.

How will my essay be judged?

Each type written essay will be judged on the bases of any and all positive social values, including art & humor, poetry or prose, using geographic, historical, economic or religious references as long as the entrant conveys the desire to own one of these beautiful properties. Contents of essay, not the writing skills, spelling or punctuation, are the most important.

Who will be judging the contest?

The owner of the properties will NOT judge any of the essays. The essays will be initially judged by the law students of Washington Lee University. The top 2% of all essays will be sent to 3 undisclosed, anonymous Virginia lawyers for a final review and judgement.

How can I find detailed information on the contest properties?

Potomac River Waterfront Property records may be seen in the Stafford County Court House in Stafford, VA. This property consists of 124 1/2 acres. Two adjoining parcels are on the tax map 40-48; and 40-49. Our parcel has 22.9165 acres in Book 210 page 117.
The Oxon Park Apartment property records may be seen in the Prince George Co. Maryland. Land Record Division in Upper Marlboro, map 79 - grid 64, Plat No.A1301, Ref. 14-85.
The Hot Springs house property records may be seen in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Bath Co., VA located in Plat cabinet 1, slide 132.
The Watergate Townhouse property records may be seen in the Courthouse Land Records Division, 520 King St., Alexandria, VA. Deed book 1075, page 425, Parcel No. 055-01-0A-1034.
The Watergate Townhouse property records may be seen in the Courthouse Land Records Division, 520 King St., Alexandria,VA. Deed Book 1141, Parcel 005-03-08-1705.

What are the taxes for the individual properties?

The Oxon Park apartments taxes are taken care of by the corporation.
The Hot Springs house taxes are $1,762.00 per year.
The Watergate taxes are $2088.00 per year.
The Port Royal apartment taxes are $756.20 per year.
The Potomac River front property taxes are $270.18 per year (Currently in Virginia Land Use program).

Is a legitimate business running this contest? is a registered corporation working on behalf of the Sponsor. Our Federal tax identification number is 541900052.

When will the Contest end?

The essay contest can end at anytime before June 26, 2004 12:30 am. Virginia State code requires a limited number of entries that can be accepted for the judges to review. Once the maximum number of entries has been reached the contest will immediately close. Submit your entry today.

How will I know when the maximum entries are filled for a particular property?

Once the maximum number of entries has been received for a property contest, a closed notification will be posted on the web site and no new entries will be accepted.

How are the stated limited number of maximum entries determined for each contest?

The Commonwealth of Virginia determines the maximum number of entries by the assessed value of the sponsored property at the starting date of the contest.

Why should I submit my essay early?

Virginia state law permits only a limited number of entries. Submit your essay now before the contest closes. If time permits, revise your essay and get a second opinion from a family member or friend. Then submit your new essay as a second entry for the contest judges to review.

Can I submit more than one entry per contest?

Yes. You may submit an unlimited amount of enteries to any of the US Dream Property contests for the judges to review.

How do you protect against illegal online use of credit and debit cards? and are electronic merchant gateways that provide the best online credit card authorizing service on the Internet, also referred to as the World Wide Web. Our merchant gateways work daily with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and recognized banks world wide to provide US Dream Property entrants a safe, secure, and easy to use payment system.

Are entrants allowed to submit a URL link that has an essay overlayed with art, or a powerpoint presentation?

US Dream Properties encourages contestants to be creative with their essay. US Dream Properties judges will only evaluate submissions in text only format.

How can I ensure that I have entered the contest completely?

You will see a $100.00 deduction on the billing statement of the bank or credit card company you selected on your entry. This means that our system has validated your essay for review. Your statement is your receipt. Paypal and also display a successful payment receipt for your records.

Can payment be sent through regular U.S. mail?

Yes. You must first fill out the online entry form. You will then be prompted with three payment options. Click on 'Pay by Check.' The system allows 7 days for your check or money order to be received and processed.

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