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Oxon Park Apartments

Instant income awaits the winner of this 1/3 interest in the newly renovated Oxon Park Apartments. Situated on over five acres, this mortgage free apartment community has an average annual income of $43,000+ per year (20 year average). The Oxon Park Apartments have been well managed and maintained by the original owners and have an excellent investment future. Originally built in 1948 by one of the Washington Metropolitan area’s premier builder/developers, this community consists of 162 units. Mature trees and wonderful landscaping enhance these twelve timeless brick buildings. Plus they are located only 1 ½ blocks from the Metro. The contest sponsor actually received the interest in this community as a wedding gift from her father over 55 years ago.

BONUS – In the event that the maximum number of entries for this contest are received, winner of the Oxon Park Apartments interest will also receive a breathtaking diamond bracelet , appraised value $54,000! See Rules and Regulations for more details.

  • Appraisal Value as of [date]: $660,000
  • Appraised By: Lipman Frizzel & Mitchell
  • Maximum Entries: 46,200
  • Opportunity to Win: 1 in 46,200

This property is no longer available.
If you have joined this subcontest, please read the Rules & Regulations.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
You will receive your refund promptly.

Thanking in advance,

- The Sponsor
If you have a refund question please contact Claudia Johnsen directly.
Tel: 703.548.7188

or email at [email protected]

For more information and a complete list of rules and regulations, refer to the Rules and Regulations page.

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