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Watergate Townhouse Unit

Treasure this luxurious, historically styled townhouse condominium. This gorgeous home is located near the pond in the Mews section of the Watergate of Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia. Reminiscent of Williamsburg architecture, the community boasts stately formal gardens and lush lily ponds. This is truly an environment of elegant formality. The house includes 1,800 square feet of living space and two interior parking spaces. The interior includes desirable features such as hardwood floors, 125 feet of hand painted faux marble, extra custom woodwork, wet bar, designer hardware, marble fireplace, columns, marble floored powder room, sun deck & separate dressing room. Three locked closets are located on the largely carpeted attic level. One closet is even automatically controlled and air-conditioned for furs and woolens. The lucky winner of this property, considered by some to be the most beautiful in the Watergate, will enjoy the convenience, comfort, and gracious living this property has to offer.

  • Appraisal Value as of [date]: $430,000
  • Appraised By: Alliance Appraisers
  • Maximum Entries: 30,100
  • Opportunity to Win: 1 in 30,100

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