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    Each essay (regardless of sub-contest) shall contain no more than 75 type written only words, plus the statement indicated for each sub-contest and written in ENGLISH only.
    1. Northern VA Waterfront acreage: L (Chances of winning are 110 times greater than winning the lottery) I would like to own this beautiful property because (plus no more than 75 words)
    2. Oxon Park Apartments: OP (Chances of winning are 281 times greater than winning the lottery) I would like to own this beautiful property because (plus no more than 75 words)
    3. Hot Springs House: HS (Chances of winning are 323 times greater than winning the lottery) I would like to own this beautiful property because (plus no more than 75 words)
    4. Watergate Townhouse: W (Chances of winning are 432 times greater than winning the lottery) I would like to own this beautiful property because (plus no more than 75 words)
    5. Port Royal Apartments: PR (Chances of winning are 977 times greater than winning the lottery) I would like to own this beautiful property because (plus no more than 75 words)

    Each essay (regardless of sub-contest, may be entered by anyone 18 years of age or older of contractual capacity worldwide. Contest judges, owners of the real estate, corporate stockholders or personal property sponsors, their employees and their immediate families of those previously mentioned are DISQUALIFIED and MAY NOT participate as entrants in the contest. Multiple entries (with multiple fees) by an entrant are acceptable. U.S. citizenship is not required.

    All entry fees are $100.00. Sponsor shall hold all entry fees in an escrow account. All entries shall be deemed received whether or not the essay adheres to the TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS as set forth in the rules and regulations. Absolutely NO REFUNDS shall be made for any reason WHAT SO EVER. The sponsor reserves the right to withdraw any or all of the sub-contest properties from the contest and to return the entrants entry fee of $100.00 minus $20.00 processing fee which will immediately be credited to the entrants credit card or debit check card account or cashiers check or money order. If the sponsor withdraws a sub contest property from the contest, the entrant's entry fee of $100.00 minus $20.00 processing fee will be immediately credited to the entrants credit card or debit check card account or cashiers check or money order. Sponsor will e-mail contest receipt to the entrant upon receiving credit card approval of entry fee. Sponsor reserves the right to accept less than the maximum numbers of entrants in any sub-contest for any reason what so ever.

  4. JUDGES :
    Attorneys residing in VA will make the final selection. Judges will not be related to the sponsor. The judges in each sub-contest will determine a winner, 1st & 2nd place runner-ups. The names of the judges shall only be made known to a public authority requesting such information in the scope of its jurisdiction. The names of the contest judges will become public information after the contest has been completed.

    1. NO NAME shall appear on essay.
    2. Each essay shall be identified by the contest numbers and sub-contest initial(s) from sponsor.
    3. Each essay shall be read and evaluated.
    4. Each Essay shall include an entry fee and proper adherence to the credit card regulations as set forth in the rules and regulations.
    5. Each entry which meets the stated technical requirements shall be judged on the bases of any and all positive social values, including art & humor, poetry or prose, using geographic, historical, economic or religious references as long as the entrant conveys the desire to own one of these beautiful properties.
    6. Contents of essay, not the writing skills, spelling or punctuation, are the most important

      Each entrant will provide full legal name, address, telephone number(s), Fax number(s), E-mail address, Credit Card Company or Bank Debit Card Company account numbers and expiration date.

    1. Entries must be postmarked on or before June 26, 2004 12:30 am.EST. USA and must arrive at Post Office Box 34210, Bethesda, Maryland 20827 by August 8, 2004. The entries should be addressed to the www.USdreamproperties.com. Responsibility for lost or late or misdirected entries rest with the entrant.
    2. The winners will be chosen on or before November 8, 2004. EST.USA, along with the first and second place runners-up.
    3. The real estate will be accompanied by a general warranty deed - debt free.
    4. The Oxon Park stock shall also be debt free.
    5. The winning entry shall be published on the Internet website www.USdreamproperties.com
    6. If a winner refuses in writing to accept the prize property, then it shall be awarded to the 1st runner up and then to the 2nd runner up and then to the 3rd runner up until the entrant accepts the prize.
    7. The judges will issue a short statement as to why the winning entrant was selected, which will be published along with the winning essay on the Internet at website www.USdreamproperties.com.
    8. By VA. Code, all contests may run no longer than 1 year.

    Each sub-contest entry constitutes an assignment to the sponsor of all copyrights arising under both statues and the common law and all other derivative there from. By entering this essay contest, the entrant grants future permission for sponsors to publish all or part of the submitted essay and to use the entrant's name and photograph and to publicize the winning entry and the names of all the final essays from the sub-contest, all without royalty or consideration - if desired.

    This contest is subject to the provisions of all applicable International, State and local laws and regulations. This offer is void where prohibited.

  10. TAXES, FEES :
    The prizes shall be delivered free and clear of debt to all contest winners. The real estate for HS, W, PR and L will each have a general warranty deed. The OP stock with 1/3 interest will also be free and clear of all debts. The winning entrant shall be solely responsible for any and all taxes, lawyer fees or fees of any kind arising out of successful participation in this essay contest. If the winner refuses to accept the prize property, then the 1st runner up becomes responsible for all above stated taxes and fees. Should the 1st runner up refuse in writing to accept the prize property, then the 2nd runner up shall become responsible for all the stated fees and taxes.

    No representation is made by the sponsors that the appraised value is the fair market value of any of the properties. See website www.USdreamproperties.com . PLEASE! NO SMOKING ON THE PROPERTIES . Particularly L.

    L - Potomac River Waterfront Property - records can be seen in the Stafford County Court House in Stafford, VA. This property consists of 124 1/2 acres. Two adjoining parcels are on the tax map 40-48; and 40-49. Our parcel has 22.9165 acres in Book 210 page 117. The other has 101.4605 acres in Book 337, page 437. These heavily wooded, rugged hills, are on the south shore of Aquia Creek (a cove off the Potomac River) and the property over looks the river. The Amtrak commuter train leaves from Brooke, VA; which is about 2 miles SW of the property. The train goes to Alexandria, VA and downtown Washington, DC.

    OP - Oxon Park Apts. - 2601-23 Southern Ave., Prince George Co. Maryland. The records may be seen in the Land Record Division in Upper Marlboro, map 79 - grid 64, Plat No.A1301, Ref. 14-85. This mortgage free, newly renovated and upgraded 162 unit brick apartment complex, has 12 - 3 story buildings, consisting of 80 - 1 BR, 77 - 2BR and 5 - 3BR units. This property which is situated on 5.48 beautifully landscaped acres with many wonderful old trees, was built in 1948 by one of Washington's Metropolitan areas most outstanding builder/developers. The retained 1/3 interest, which has produced $43,000 plus yearly average income is now part of this contest. This property which is about .06 mile from the metro stop, is only a few minutes ride to downtown Washington, DC. The Oxon Park Apts. have been well managed and maintained by the original owners, has an excellent investment future.

    HS - The Hot Springs house.

    1. A) This property consists of 1.8 acres of land and improvements that are located in the Cedar Creek District of Bath Co., VA and is more freely known as Parcel 2 on that certain plat of record in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Bath Co., VA located in Plat cabinet 1, slide 132. This conveyance is made subject to all the following:
    2. B) The "PRIZE OWNER" shall be held responsible for the protection of the septic field on the back SW corner of the property. No trucks or tractors are to drive over this part of the property. Nor shall trees or shrubs be permitted to grow over the septic field. Only grass and shallow root plants are permitted to grow there.
      1. The sponsor reserves the right to use the entire lower separate garage buildings for at least 6 months after the date of the transfer of the property.
      2. The sponsor reserves the right to use the lower driveway for the infrequent servicing of the adjoining property.
      3. The row of boxwood on the northside running vertically to route 220 and parallel to the adjoining service road, are the personal property of the sponsor and are to be protected by the prize owners. The sponsors will remove the boxwoods at a later date at the sponsors expense.

    W - Watergate Townhouse: This condominium at 1034 N. Royal St. is listed in the Courthouse Land Records Division, 520 King St., Alexandria, VA Deed book 1075, page 425, Parcel No. 055-01-0A-1034. The Williamsburg architecture, formal gardens, and lilly ponds create an atmosphere of elegant formality. The house has 1800 sq. Ft. of living space, 2 interior parking spaces, hardwood floors, 125 feet of professionally painted faux marble, extra custom woodwork, wet bar, designer hardware, marble fireplace and hearth, columns, marble floored powder room, sun deck and separate dressing room. The attic is largely carpeted and has 3 locked closets - 2 with shelves and one is thermostatically controlled for furs and woolens. There are other amenities as well. Some consider this house to be the most beautiful in Watergate. Life in Watergate, Old Town Alexandria is designed for convenience, comfort and gracious living. The Sponsor reserves the right, for personal use if needed, parking space 141 and the townhouse for up to 6 months (although probably less) after the property has been transferred to the Contest Winner. The Sponsor will pay all condo fees and utilities during the time the property is being used.

    PR - Port Royal Apartments: This condominium apartment at 801 N. Pitt St., Alexandria, VA 22314 is listed on page 1265, Deed Book 1141, Parcel 005-03-08-1705 in the courthouse, at 520 King St. in the Land Records Division. This newly renovated all brick, art deco building of 200 units (plus 2 floors of underground parking and commercial offices) was constructed in 1965 and occupies an entire landscaped city block in Old Town. The location to the Potomac River, the Metro, downtown Alexandria (with its famous restaurants), and Regan National Airport which is only minutes to downtown Washington, DC makes this a most desirable investment. This 17th floor riverfront apartment with 799 sq. Ft., 1 BR with the split level LR has many other amenities as well including a spectacular view of the Nations Capital, the Potomac River and the Potomac River Bridge. Nearby Spa facilities are available free to tenants and owners.

    Sponsors reserves the sole right to extend the deadlines of the essay contest entry, determination of the winning entries and the publication of the winning entries and the judge(s) statement for one extension period of up to sixty (60) days.

    The transfer of the prize property must occur within thirty (30) days after the notification of the prize. The sponsor may grant an extension of an additional thirty (30) days if deemed necessary.

    1. This contest has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency. The Attorney General of Virginia has confirmed by a letter ruling 9/1/96 declaring talent contests to be legal. A copy of that opinion is available from the office of the Attorney General. See website http://www.usdreamproperties.com/ruling.php
    2. The sponsor makes no guarantees or warranties, of any sort what so ever, concerning the subject real property, the homes located thereon or any of the structures or mechanical systems location or in the subject properties. The subject properties, both real and personal are offered "as is" and no representations are made regarding the condition of any of the prize sub-contest properties. Any appraisals are for informational purposes only.
    3. By participating in this contest or accepting any prize that they may win, all entrants agree to release ABC, Inc., WMAL, WRQX, DCpages, News Channel 8, Clear Channel, their parent, subsidiary, affiliated and successor companies, advertising and promotion agencies and prize suppliers, and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, representatives and employees from any and all actions, claims, injury, loss or damage arising in any manner, directly or indirectly, from participation in this contest and/or acceptance or use of the prize.

  15. TO VISIT :
    All properties may be seen on the outside only during the contest at appropriate daytime hours. Prizewinners only may visit the interiors of W, HS, PR (but not OP) by pre-arranged appointments with the occupants of those properties. Oxon Park (OP) sub-contest entrants are requested to limit their visit to the sidewalk on Southern Ave. only. Please NO SMOKING. Particularly on L. Upon requests prizewinner(s) will be offered the current appraisals on the real estate and jewelry.

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